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There are several hundred entrepreneurs from all over the world in our community. 17 slots include our slack chat, more than two thousand people are subscribed to the weekly mailing list of the market overview, several thousand subscribers to facebook and linkedin.
Our story
  • We began to work with startups in December 2016, mostly as designers and MVP creators.
  • In 2017 we began to organize events for startups and develop startup and investors network. The same year we developed criteria for assessing investment attractiveness.
  • In 2018 we began to provide a service for business angels and funds. They made our criteria publicly available. Also we analyzed investment strategies for startups (the choice of the incorporation region based on 11 data sources).
  • 2019. Our assessment criteria are used by 17 business angels and angel pools, 3 rating agencies, 2 funds and 2 banks. We have developed and implemented a service for relocating startups to economically developed countries and already relocated 7 startups to Canada, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia and England.
  • 2020 year. There are more than 8K active participants in our network (facebook, linkedin, slack and telegram). More than 200 investors and analysts of funds / banks are listening to us. We work in Europe, Asia and Africa markets and plan to enter the North American market.

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