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Possessing a great deal of marketing and management expertise, we enter into the project share early on and grow it, investing in marketing tools, traffic and external expertise necessary for project growth.
What do we offer?
We are constantly in search of investment partners with smart money to increase the size of the company's portfolio.

We are interested in innovative, scalable software products (AI, automation and analytics services), hardware solutions (IoT, Drone) from the seed stage to the round A.

If you are interested in a project from the list below - write to our consultant and he will tell you about the current state of affairs in portfolio companies.
Project in the company's portfolio
People work in projects
Portfolio cost
Portfolio in numbers
We follow investment trends in key markets and work with many business angels and accelerator / fund mentors to achieve explosive growth.
If you have a startup at the idea stage and above - you can get free advice on how to get investment in your project.
Project portfolio
ZuyZuy (ex. FeeedMe)
ZuyZuy - a mobile application to optimize the cost of cafes and restaurants for the staff. The user orders food through the application and receives a notification of its readiness, leaves feedback on the ordered dish.

The institution has its own kitchen interface for accepting orders, inventory accounting and sales accounting.

Investment amount: $80.000
Stage: MVP. Web application for restaurants with an order analysis system. Android app.
Required amount/share given: $100,000 for 20% of the company.
Purpose: refinement of the application and the web system, entering the market.
Homer is a system for determining the expression of key personality traits of a person based on the social network profile and analyzing the content with which the user interacts, as well as determining his overall emotional background / state (including for a certain period of time).

Homer is developed by professional psychologists, criminologists and clinics with extensive experience working with people. The analysis is carried out automatically by the system according to the criteria selected by the team based on valid psychological tests, scientific papers and empirically.

Investment amount: $40.000
Stage: Research. Collection and preparation of data for feeding the neural network.
Required amount/share given: $50,000 for 5% of the company.
Purpose: collecting and testing several groups for testing and finding relationships.
What do we need to do to get an investment?
It is necessary to prepare the documents according to the list.

1. Description of processes
2. Business model
3. Roadmap
4. Market analysis (size, growth, number of significant players)
5. Analysis of competitors
6. PAM, TAM, SAM, SOM ...
7. Financial model
8. StartupCost (cost of all company resources)
9. Marketing Strategy
How to understand if our project is suitable for you?
At the moment we do not have a narrow specialization by segment and we are open to suggestions. Investing in the early stages, we mainly rely on the experience and skills of the team.

To understand how ready your project is to invest from our partners - look at this document. We are interested in projects with more than 60 points.
How long the application is considered?
We consider the application no more than 6 weeks.
Do you help prepare documents?
Yes, we help prepare the documents listed.
What are the conditions for the preparation of documents?
We take a security deposit. As a rule - no more than $5K. The security deposit is calculated individually depending on the amount of work and is returned after the share goes to us.
What percentage of you are interested in?
We take, as a rule, no more than 20% of your company.
What is the size of the investment?
In the first round, you get up to $50K.
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