Startup Investment Strategy

  1. Investment analysis. What gets: a document with 2-3 regions based on the following data:
    A) Market size.
    C) Volume of investments.
    C) Market / investment growth rates.
  2. Analysis of the project according to the criteria for assessing investment attractiveness. What’s the output: a document with an assessment of 20 points of project activity based on the documents provided by the project.
  3. Creating an investment strategy. What’s the output: a document describing the steps necessary to attract investors for this round in the selected region.
  4. The selection of relevant investors for the project. What is the output: a document with a list of funds, angel pools, FD and contacts of their mentors and analysts.
  5. Drawing up an investment proposal and sending it to selected funds.
  6. Representation of the project to investors (individually).

Market Analysis

  1. Analysis of market size and growth
  2. The study of the local market with existing analogues of the product / customer service.
  3. Detailed analysis of market capacity and trends
  4. The study of competitors with their problems and the search for new growth points.
  5. Analysis of the methods used by competitors to communicate with customers

Investment Portfolio Selection

  1. Studying investment trends and choosing a segment according to the desired investment strategy.
  2. Assessment of the investment attractiveness of startups and businesses in five categories based on Utopia Framework.